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Trees dug and placed into baskets and burlaps for transport to final planting site.


Nursery, Tree Sales & Planting

We supply new trees from either our own stock or other growers. Unlike many plants offered at other nurseries, our trees are typically grown in Northeast Ohio and can be dug with our own equipment.


Benefits include:

  • Stock that is freshly dug and replanted within hours or days (not trucked for hundreds or thousand of miles and possibly out of the ground for months)
  • Plant is grown in similar geographic, climatic, and soil conditions as the final planting site
  • We inspect and select each tree sold
  • Better survivability of plant stock
  • Economy of minimal transportation costs
  • Our root balls are typically generous in size, since freight costs are not a factor, improving survivability


Let us create a mini forest for you. Screen out unwanted eyesores and improve privacy and beauty.

Because each job is different, we regret we cannot give quotes over the phone.
Instead, we will come assess the work and give you a FREE ESTIMATE with no obligation.


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